New playable demo for Weapon Quest, at a user’s request

Someone requested we add a sound effect for when a weapon is collected, so we made a new version with the change. It’s playable below. The controls are the same as before, but, in case you missed them, they will be listed below the game.



The controls: Z attacks, arrow keys move, X heals. The upper-right corner displays your cash, which currently can only be used for healing, and for reviving. How does reviving work? If you run out of health and have more than 100 cash, then you revive. Note that healing is more efficient, since it only costs 10 per health instead of 20.

NOTE: The weapon you find at the beginning can’t deal damage to most enemies. Find a better one ASAP!


As with the last version, have fun, make sure to give us feedback, and, if you like the game, please help to spread the word!