Galactic Battle: VERY early alpha release

Hi everyone! We’ve shown some gameplay footage of this game on our YouTube channel, so we felt it was time we finally let you guys give this game a try! It will probably take a while to load, since, even though it is a short game, it is a short game with a large file size.

You can play it below:


Left and right arrow keys steer.

Up and down arrow keys speed up/slow down.

Z fires.

X scans (you will probably be able to figure out what it does yourself by experimenting with it)


This is a very early version. Expect bugs.

There are some known issues, some of which may be in any future web version releases (unless we make an HTML5 version), though they aren’t issues in the PC build we are working on:

1. Graphical bugs here and there (mainly with the minimap). This may not get fixed in any web builds.

2. It is a little laggy at times, particularly when there are several projectiles on screen at once (particularly noticeable with the spread laser). This is a Flash game, though, so it is to be expected, I guess.

3. The homing missile does not behave correctly in the Flash version (in most situations, it will fail to home on).

4. The game does not have any online multiplayer. This may not be the case in later Flash builds, though it may just not be in any online builds at all. And, for those of you worried, no, it won’t have a chat, and no, you won’t be able to see other player’s names (they are just randomly generated numbers anyway, with a few words before said numbers, but that’s it).

5. There are a few audio issues, particularly near the beginning of the stage theme and the “boss health bar filling up” sound effect. Unlikely to be corrected in any web builds.

6. This version has no saving. It is short, so it doesn’t really need it, but we can understand why you would want it. Sorry. 🙁

7. The shredding blade doesn’t show up on the radar. This is currently a minor bug in all versions we have been working on, so expect it to get fixed.

8. This is perhaps the most minor one, but, due to limitations, the Flash version couldn’t keep the cool-looking scrolling background thing on the title screen. It still has a similar background in-game, though.

If you don’t understand what a build is, it basically means version. It’s just a sort of a different way of saying it, sort of like how “Howdy” is another way to say “Hi”. It can quite often refer to more minor revisions, but it can also refer to major updates if the person bringing it up wants it to.

Anyway, enjoy the game!

Update: I’m going to take the time to explain how enemy scanning works, and how the store works.

The enemy scanning system lets you get new weapons from enemies. Let me explain how to do it:

1. Get close to the enemy with the weapon you want. Make sure you are using a weapon of the same class as them, and make sure they aren’t using the same weapon as you. The three classes are:

Laser, Missile, and Blade.

2. Press the X key on the keyboard to scan the enemy.

3. Wait for your ship to reconfigure to use the weapon the enemy has.

4. Once reconfigured, your ship will start using the weapon the enemy ship had. It will also unlock the ability to purchase the weapon in the store for future use.

If you don’t have a weapon in the same class as an enemy, then you can scan an enemy to unlock their weapon in the store. Here’s how:

1. Get close to the enemy you want to scan. Make sure they aren’t using the same weapon as you.

2. Scan the enemy.

3. If the enemy is using a weapon of a different class, your ship will be unable to reconfigure to use the weapon, but it will be able to save the scanned data, unlocking the weapon in the store.

The weapon you start with is a laser class weapon. The two weapons that are in the store by default are in the other two weapon classes. The first stage gets you enough cash to get only one of the weapons in the store, so choose carefully! If necessary, you can re-play the first stage a few times to get the cash needed to get the other weapons, or you can play the endless mode to get enough cash as well.

The second stage gets you a lot more cash, but still not enough to get every weapon you can get at the start and every weapon from the second stage, so you will need to re-play stages a little to do so, and you’ll probably want to play the endless mode a little as well, since it was specifically designed to help you earn cash.

Well, that’s basically all there is to the scanning system and the store!