A simple note: We aren’t looking for testers right now (and we still exist)

You remember those older posts where we said we were looking for testers? You know, from WAAAAY back in 2011? Well…

This post is a simple reminder that we aren’t looking for testers. I think I’ve mentioned that elsewhere on the site, maybe the contact page? Still, I’m posting it to the blog to make it more obvious. If there’s a specific game that we’ve been working on that you want to give a try, we may be able to try to release an early demo, or a late demo depending on the game, but we aren’t looking for anybody to actively test our games as of now… though feedback on any demos we release is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Also, I felt the need to post here, since it’s been ages since I last posted here. 🙂

Also, yeah, consider our website officially launched. I just updated the main page to reflect that fact. Technically, we really have been launched for a while now, I just haven’t ever really gotten around to mentioning it.

Lastly, we probably won’t be numbering any future news posts. It would be too hard to keep track for something that basically doesn’t add anything to the post. Also, if we were still numbering our news posts, then this would be numbered as well. 🙂


Until next time (which will hopefully be sooner than last time!),