Echobyte Heroes: Alpha released!

Download it, and the server hosting program, here:

UPDATE: Fixed an audio bug (and likely broke something in the process, because messing up while fixing bugs is a common sight). New link:

UPDATE 2: Fixed the online mode, which was completely broken due to the game expecting a level with 1 less wave then there actually was. Also, added the version number to the title screen. New link:

And watch a video showing what’s new here:

NOTE 1: If you are having problems with saving your progress, then run the game as an administrator. Or put it in a folder where administrator rights aren’t as important. Either one works.

NOTE 2: If downloading with Google Chrome, it may warn you that the file isn’t commonly downloaded. To keep the file, press the small arrow icon next to the “discard” button, and press “keep” from the drop-down menu.