Robovania: Dark Rebellion: Release candidate build!

Well, I figured that while I’m at it, I might as well release the release candidate for Robovania: Dark Rebellion as well. 🙂

If you have any feedback (such as any grammar issues we may have missed, or any bugs), make sure to send the feedback here: happyfroggames at gmail dot com (No copy-pasting, sorry. I don’t want spam-bots figuring out what our e-mail is if I can help it.)

Download link:

UPDATE: Here’s the first proper release candidate. The previous version didn’t have a manual included, and it can’t REALLY be a proper release without SOME kind of manual… also added a volume slider to the title screen:

NOTE: If downloading with Google Chrome, it may warn you that the file isn’t commonly downloaded. To keep the file, press the small arrow icon next to the “discard” button, and press “keep” from the drop-down menu.