Been a while…

Just wanted to keep you updated real quickly. We definitely are still working on games. We just haven’t posted any updates on our blog in a while.

A few changes

If you haven’t noticed already, a few changes have been made to the site. The site is still in development, but we got slightly closer to being finished with the design by making the minor changes that I have made.

Any questions?

Just e-mail us at “happyfroggames(at)” (without the quotes, and use @ instead of (at)), and we can answer your questions relating to our games. Go ahead! Want to tell us about an annoying bug? Interested in testing a game that is still in development? Need to know how to play a game? You can contact us about all of those, and anything else related to our games.

News post #6: Our old files

 We got them back! Now we can continue development of our older games!


Unfortunately, we lost them again, though we recovered some of them.


UPDATE: Okay, we seem to have all of our files back now. This means that we can work on our older games more. 🙂


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made a small game to celebrate (made and finished it today).

Welcome to our site! We just launched it today! Now, this isn’t our grand opening, but it’s up anyway. If you will look at the below posts, this site has been in development for a while. Like it? The new year game is our first game out of beta, so there is not much to look at yet. That is exactly why this is not our grand opening. You will have to wait until more of our games are out of beta for that.

To play, just click the “Launch some fireworks!” button, then click on the firework launchers (labeled “Click!”).

The game is below:


News post #5: Problem

The computer that Adam was making allot of our games on broke, so we may have to start over on some of them. That computer had a lot of our stuff on it. 🙁

The testers needed category.

If you want to help with some top-secret game prototypes, not-so top-secret betas, and alphas, click here to get started.

The testers needed category is made for finding our games that need testers.

Please help us test our games. The help will be appreciated!

News post #4: New stuff coming

So you may have seen our home page, and you are now probably wondering, “What will the workshop be?” Well, I can answer that.

The workshop will be a way to test our prototype, early-in-development or otherwise unfinished games. We plan on moving The Happy Green Frog Game part 1 to the workshop to change the design. A new game or two will be in it as well, though they might not all have a name.

You may also be wondering, “Why do you have a guide for ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Defense!’ when I can’t find the game?” I can answer that too.

The game is almost finished in development, and I (Adam) think that it is a good way to announce it, instead of having a blog post.

You may also be wondering “Why do you not have any games out of beta?” We need time to test our games, so right now they are in beta. The triple colored journey has only one known bug, so we do not think it will take long for it to be out of beta. (For those who want more details, it is the problem where you will bounce a little on the moving platforms.)

News post #3: Mostly Factory Assault stuff

As you may have seen (post below), a game called Mr. speck is under development. Some info we didn’t mention is that there are more than 20 non-tutorial levels planned. A important thing to know is the name has been changed to Factory Battle Factory Assault. We also might have a Android™* release, but that will come much later. We also plan on adding some mini-games to the game,  which at least one should come with the tutorial released (post below).

The tutorial release is a learn-as-you-play type of tutorial, so it has a level corresponding to what it is telling you about. Hopefully, it will have at least one mini-game.

This game was thought of by Joseph. He loves to think of game ideas, though only a few of the ones he thinks of are made due to how strange they sometimes are (and due to there being way to many game ideas of his for us to make).  This idea is liked more than some of our other games (mainly The Happy Green Frog Game, though liked more by a lot) by the people here, and you might (or might not) agree.

When it comes to tower defense, one of the most interesting ideas for one is Rock, paper, scissors, defense! “Rock, paper, scissors, defense!” is the first game idea that Matthew has thought of that we are developing (and releasing). More about this soon…

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

A little teaser trailer…

The idea of the game was thought of by Joseph. It is a very cool idea, so we hope to develop this game further.

Update! The tutorial for the game will be released soon. The game is not going to be released in parts, instead, it’s going to be released all at once as soon as it’s finished, unlike The Happy Green Frog Game. We hope you get a better idea on what the game is when the tutorial is released :).