Happy Father’s Day! We’ve made a new game!

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve made a new game! We hope you enjoy it! We actually just started and finished making it today. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, we hope you enjoy it!

We also made a trailer for the game. Watch it here.


Left and right arrow keys move left and right.

Up arrow key jumps.

Z key punches.

X key kicks

We hope you enjoy the game!

Play it below:




HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made a small game to celebrate (made and finished it today).

Welcome to our site! We just launched it today! Now, this isn’t our grand opening, but it’s up anyway. If you will look at the below posts, this site has been in development for a while. Like it? The new year game is our first game out of beta, so there is not much to look at yet. That is exactly why this is not our grand opening. You will have to wait until more of our games are out of beta for that.

To play, just click the “Launch some fireworks!” button, then click on the firework launchers (labeled “Click!”).

The game is below:


The Happy Green Frog Game part 1 beta early alpha is here!

WARNING: The game below was made when we were all much, much younger. In its current state, the below game is… not very good, to say the least.

Welcome to Happy Frog Games Online!

Have a hoppy time! 😀

Here are the details:

Difficulty: Medium to hard

Genre: Platformer

Controls: Shift jumps. Left and right arrow keys move. Spacebar flies(small propeller hat necessary to use this ability ) F hovers(small propeller hat necessary.)

The game is below: