A simple note: We aren’t looking for testers right now (and we still exist)

You remember those older posts where we said we were looking for testers? You know, from WAAAAY back in 2011? Well…

This post is a simple reminder that we aren’t looking for testers. I think I’ve mentioned that elsewhere on the site, maybe the contact page? Still, I’m posting it to the blog to make it more obvious. If there’s a specific game that we’ve been working on that you want to give a try, we may be able to try to release an early demo, or a late demo depending on the game, but we aren’t looking for anybody to actively test our games as of now… though feedback on any demos we release is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Also, I felt the need to post here, since it’s been ages since I last posted here. 🙂

Also, yeah, consider our website officially launched. I just updated the main page to reflect that fact. Technically, we really have been launched for a while now, I just haven’t ever really gotten around to mentioning it.

Lastly, we probably won’t be numbering any future news posts. It would be too hard to keep track for something that basically doesn’t add anything to the post. Also, if we were still numbering our news posts, then this would be numbered as well. 🙂


Until next time (which will hopefully be sooner than last time!),


Stickman Fighters: Update #1

Hey guys! I found a bug in Stickman Fighters that made it so that the AI was unable to use the combo attack, even in most of the difficulty levels it was supposed to be able to use it in. I’ve uploaded the new version. If you find any bugs, issues, etc., then please contact us.

The new version (the old version has been left unchanged, for those of you who don’t want a harder game):

Anyway, enjoy! The controls are the same as before, by the way.

If you missed the controls the first time:


Left and right arrow keys move left and right.

Up arrow key jumps.

Z key punches.

X key kicks

Happy Father’s Day! We’ve made a new game!

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve made a new game! We hope you enjoy it! We actually just started and finished making it today. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, we hope you enjoy it!

We also made a trailer for the game. Watch it here.


Left and right arrow keys move left and right.

Up arrow key jumps.

Z key punches.

X key kicks

We hope you enjoy the game!

Play it below:



Been a while…

Just wanted to keep you updated real quickly. We definitely are still working on games. We just haven’t posted any updates on our blog in a while.

News post #6: Our old files

 We got them back! Now we can continue development of our older games!


Unfortunately, we lost them again, though we recovered some of them.


UPDATE: Okay, we seem to have all of our files back now. This means that we can work on our older games more. 🙂


HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made a small game to celebrate (made and finished it today).

Welcome to our site! We just launched it today! Now, this isn’t our grand opening, but it’s up anyway. If you will look at the below posts, this site has been in development for a while. Like it? The new year game is our first game out of beta, so there is not much to look at yet. That is exactly why this is not our grand opening. You will have to wait until more of our games are out of beta for that.

To play, just click the “Launch some fireworks!” button, then click on the firework launchers (labeled “Click!”).

The game is below:


News post #5: Problem

The computer that Adam was making allot of our games on broke, so we may have to start over on some of them. That computer had a lot of our stuff on it. 🙁

News post #4: New stuff coming

So you may have seen our home page, and you are now probably wondering, “What will the workshop be?” Well, I can answer that.

The workshop will be a way to test our prototype, early-in-development or otherwise unfinished games. We plan on moving The Happy Green Frog Game part 1 to the workshop to change the design. A new game or two will be in it as well, though they might not all have a name.

You may also be wondering, “Why do you have a guide for ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Defense!’ when I can’t find the game?” I can answer that too.

The game is almost finished in development, and I (Adam) think that it is a good way to announce it, instead of having a blog post.

You may also be wondering “Why do you not have any games out of beta?” We need time to test our games, so right now they are in beta. The triple colored journey has only one known bug, so we do not think it will take long for it to be out of beta. (For those who want more details, it is the problem where you will bounce a little on the moving platforms.)

News post #3: Mostly Factory Assault stuff

As you may have seen (post below), a game called Mr. speck is under development. Some info we didn’t mention is that there are more than 20 non-tutorial levels planned. A important thing to know is the name has been changed to Factory Battle Factory Assault. We also might have a Android™* release, but that will come much later. We also plan on adding some mini-games to the game,  which at least one should come with the tutorial released (post below).

The tutorial release is a learn-as-you-play type of tutorial, so it has a level corresponding to what it is telling you about. Hopefully, it will have at least one mini-game.

This game was thought of by Joseph. He loves to think of game ideas, though only a few of the ones he thinks of are made due to how strange they sometimes are (and due to there being way to many game ideas of his for us to make).  This idea is liked more than some of our other games (mainly The Happy Green Frog Game, though liked more by a lot) by the people here, and you might (or might not) agree.

When it comes to tower defense, one of the most interesting ideas for one is Rock, paper, scissors, defense! “Rock, paper, scissors, defense!” is the first game idea that Matthew has thought of that we are developing (and releasing). More about this soon…

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

News post #2: The triple colored journey.

Warning: The game being talked about in this news post is hard. If you are not skilled, you better get to work on improving those skills if you want to play the game mentioned in this post. Let’s get on with the post:

Are you a skilled gamer? Are you a very skilled gamer? How about a REALLY good gamer? Then this is the game for you! Play through a really hard map containing tricks, traps, and laser beams! To make matters worse, there are only 3 colors: white (most common), red (lasers), and black! You may want to memorize the map, ’cause it’s really hard! This game going to be released very soon. Difficulty: Very hard (The game is coming soon)