Our e-mail address is “happyfroggames (((at)))” (without the quotes).

We will try to fix bugs in our games that you find, and, while we can’t guarantee we will respond to your e-mail (especially if we feel there isn’t a need to), we will try out best to read them. Also, we’re more likely to respond if your question is directly related to our games, so keep that in mind.

We aren’t exactly looking to expand our team as of now, so no need to ask about joining, since the answer is probably “no”. We also are not currently looking for anyone to help with testing our games privately. If we’re going to do a beta-test, it’s probably going to be more-or-less public, unless we’re getting our friends or family to test our games (which is another story entirely), or in some very special rare exceptions we may send the game’s beta/alpha/prototype to someone else.

I’m trying to cut down on spam, so where it says (((at))), use “@” (without the quotes). Also, don’t use any spaces, as it probably won’t work if you use spaces.