War for Robovania (WIP)

For now, this page will just list some information on some of the 5 Mechas (the info may be updated in the future). Later, we’ll add more info on the game here, but for now, most of the info currently available on the game can be found in these videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnV8Bfr_Ago4preKcdO-Cmygo8aDPx9_4

The 5 Mechas:

Fire Mecha:Fire mecha stage select

Info coming soon!

Chill Mecha:
Chill mecha stage selectInfo coming soon!

Claw Mecha:
Claw mecha fixed

Info coming soon!

Spikes Mecha:
Spikes mecha v3 mid-large
This Mecha is a heavily experimental prototype, that…


Pretty much, it was made with extra parts and scrap metal that was lying around after most of the other ones were finished… and it kinda shows in battle: To even have half a chance fighting, it needs to use a force field to keep itself from exploding after taking a measly 20 shots from the rapid-fire-but-weak plasma cannons of the basic Robovania soldiers.

The reason its main choice of weaponry is spikes is generally speculated to have been because of the scrap metal being easily shaped into spikes, and that it was the only projectile weapon they could get working with the parts they had, so they decided to just go with that.

Future Mecha:


Little is known about the Future Mecha. Robovania’s military doesn’t even know for sure if that’s actually what it’s called (though most people in Robovania have agreed that it’s a very good guess). What they know for sure, though, is that it’s very, very dangerous, and very heavily armed with deadly railguns.

Nobody has even been able to get a good photo of it, and not for a lack of trying: It’s often been speculated that it has a highly advanced form of stealth technology preventing people from finding it. They’ve tried several times to get a good image of it, but, even by combing all the best shots that people have gotten of where they think it may be, they’ve only been able to make out some rough shapes and colors, which were used to make a very crude drawing of what they think it may look like.

It’s nothing too much to look at, though: It’s basically just a gray circle, and what looks like it may be some glass to allow whoever, or whatever, may be piloting it to see outside. The fact that the stealth technology may be masking its actual shape doesn’t help.