The people at Happy Frog Games Online:

We are a family of 6 siblings (5 brothers, 1 sister), a mom, and a dad. Here is a list of people who are actively a part of Happy Frog Games Online (the ages don’t get updated immediately, sometimes taking quite a while to get updated, but we DO actually update them… eventually), and a few roles they have taken, past or present, in order from oldest to youngest:


First off, our Mom and Dad. They pay for the site’s hosting. 🙂

Next off, the 6 siblings…


Matthew, age 22.

3 important roles he’s played: Tester, Game Concepts (which I* sadly haven’t had the programming skills to make for the longest time… maybe I* have the skills to make them now, though), and simply being our oldest brother (seriously, that’s important in my* book!).


Adam, age 17.

3 important roles he’s played: Programmer (he’s basically the only one here, though he’s tried and failed to teach a few of his siblings how to do it), Musician, and Artist.


Hannah, age 16.

3 important roles she’s played: Artist (an absolutely wonderful one), Tester, and Enemy Designer… you’ll get to see the enemies she’s designed soon enough! 🙂


Joseph, age 13.

3 important roles he’s played: Musician (his musics are great), Tester, Game Concepts (he’s come up with so many concepts at this point that we’ll probably never be able to make them all, as a matter of fact).


John, age 10.

3 important roles he’s played: Tester (with valuable feedback), Musician (so far, he’s composed only one music: The Chill Mecha theme in War for Robovania. You have me* to thank when it comes to how grating the older version was, though), and various concepts and feedback on concepts he didn’t come up with himself (okay, so that’s technically 4, but whatever, I* guess I’m* cheating a bit because I wanted to list both of them).


Quincy, age 7.

The main role he’s played is tester, but the feedback he provides has been valuable. He’s also our youngest sibling.


*Adam is the one who wrote the about page.


Our focus:

Happy Frog Games Online’s focus is games for players of all ages! First time here? Check around our site. Does our website look good to you? Does it look bad to you? Do you have any questions, or do you want to give us feedback on one of our games? Or maybe you just want to send us spam, or an angry message just because? If you do, contact us by clicking here.

The home page will be updated to feature news, our latest games, and more! Have a hoppy time! (Yes, that was a pun. And yes, it was pretty awful.) Check back every now and then for updates and news on our games!