Game list (UPDATED 4/13/2017)

If you would like a list of our games, here it is.

Major changes:

4/13/2017: Removed the “last updated” thing, as it was inaccurate. To stay up-to-date with our games, please check out our GameJolt profile, since it’ll likely get updated more often:

5/12/2016: Updated name of Galactic Battle Echobyte Heroes. Also updated the description of War for Robovania, as it did not get released in 2015. Robovania: Dark Rebellion was more-or-less released then, but the finalized release still isn’t released, though it’s basically finished… And also did some general description clean-up.

8/20/2015: Updated info on War for Robovania again, and, perhaps more importantly, added some info on a demo version for it. Also changed the “title not yet finalized” text for Morph Wars. A few other minor clarifications here and there were also added. Lastly, removed references to the difficulty of each game (it’s about time I did that).

2/27/2015: Updated info on War for Robovania

2/11/2015: The list was re-done to clarify what stage of development each game is in. It also adds a few more games to the list. The estimated difficulty for most games was removed due to not being certain of the actual difficulty of the games. Lastly, the games with some form of release were moved to the top of the list. If you want to tell us what difficulty you feel a game should be listed at, please contact us about it. Our contact info can be found here:


The B.D.A (title may change if we work on this game further): The B.D.A v (a.k.a. early alpha release). If we DO work on this again, it will probably be a re-write for a LOT of different reasons.

The Happy Green Frog Game: Part 1 beta early alpha released!. We plan on re-building the game to be less buggy at some point in the future.

Stickman Fighters: Can be played here, but be warned that it’s somewhat buggy at times (it’s more beta release than finished release, but for a game made in 24 hours, that is to be expected).

Weapon Quest: Playable demo version released!

Echobyte Heroes: Playable demo version (as Galactic Battle) was released in 2014. A new version of the game should be released soon. Like, very VERY soon. It’s MUCH better then that old demo version from back in 2014, with loads of various improvements.

War for Robovania: This game is pretty close to finished, but I can’t say when it will be released. Stay tuned on our YouTube channel for updates!

Robovania: Dark Rebellion: This game is basically finished. After a bit more play-testing and maybe fixing a few issues found in play-testing, it should be released pretty much immediately following.

Morph Wars (near-finalized title not listed): Concept phase (should advance from the concept phase very, very soon, though, probably some time after the release of War for Robovania). Stay tuned…

The Triple Colored Journey (working title): The game is/was technically finished, but release is unlikely due to the computer  that had the source code was on having died, and due to developer interest being lower because of other projects.

Maze-A-Tron-1000 (working title): Game is technically finished, lost in a computer crash, release is unlikely due to lower interest (on the developer’s part) because of other projects. Also, it isn’t very good at representing how good we are at making games now.

Rainbow Chiseler (working title): Concept phase, early prototype lost in a computer crash. It would be a fun one to start working on again, though.

Sillee Scientist (working title): Early in development, lost in a computer crash, recovering soon. The game will probably be started over yet again once we do work on it again.